About Us

Caudill & Associates, Inc. is a full-service production and creative boutique that is arguably the most successful in the increasingly popular world of branded content for direct-to-consumer commercials and digital transactional programming, offering strategic marketing and complete production and post-production services in-house, from initial concepts through finished production and media management.


Why Do You Need Us?

We are innovators. We are leaders in hybrid advertising, creating distinctive branded content that blends the best of brand imaging and profitable direct-to-consumer sales. From six seconds to thirty minutes, and everything in between, we have had success in taking traditional brand advertisers and introducing them to a direct-to-consumer pathway, working with the best products and companies in the business.


We are collaborators. No one has had more success in our industry working with multi-million dollar celebrity-driven advertising campaigns. We know how to work with the top brands, top celebrities and the top talent in the world, and can be trusted to bring out the best in both performance and beautiful brand imagery. We have collaborated with some of the top general marketing agencies in developing branded content for new direct-to-consumer campaigns, as well as with newer start-up companies venturing into TV and digital advertising for the very first time.


We get results. We’ve produced hundreds of campaigns, for a wide variety of products and services, which have generated billions of dollars in sales. Our work is consistently some of the most successful in the history of the genre with an unparalleled history of success that is more than double the industry average. We don’t just sell product, we help build new business and renew established companies with real, trackable ROI and lifetime AOV.


CEO, President, Executive Producer, Director


Bob Caudill is indisputably one of the best and most successful independent producer/directors in the world of direct to consumer advertising and transactional marketing.


Widely considered a legendary creative force for years, Bob has served hands on as director and executive producer on every single one of his more than 600 marketing and ad campaigns, personally overseeing all production, digital and media services.


Bob has set the standard in bringing the best brands and Fortune 500 companies and retailers into a direct to consumer world. He is constantly evolving and raising the bar in producing the most stunning creative content and effective campaigns, introducing the latest technologies to the craft, creating unforgettable work and generating billions of dollars in sales.


You can always spot a Caudill & Associates, Inc. ad, seamlessly blending beautiful branded image content with authentic direct to consumer messaging in the most compelling, innovative ways, with real, sustainable results.

We Work With the Best

Because We Are the Best